21 Most L.A. Moments Of Last Year

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1. When Whole Foods began selling vinyl records.

2. When this restaurant for dogs opened on Fairfax and Santa Monica.

3. When this warning sign appeared.

4. When this lady and her best friend went out for margaritas

5. When this woman was paid for what she does best.

6. When the city became overrun with juice bars.

When the city became overrun with juice bars.

7. When these Bichons went for a walk.

8. When Spiderman almost revealed his secret identity on Hollywood Blvd.

9. When this woman did yoga on the sidewalk.

10. When that portal to New Jersey opened up on Santa Monica Blvd.

11. When David Lynch released his coffee line but nopie line.

12. When this apparently happened.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.39.15 PM


13. When local weather man Dallas Raines matched the map behind him.

14. When Lacey Chabert discovered this wondrous invention.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.39.03 PM

15. When this guy turned a Starbucks into a drum kit.

16. When Corey Feldman had a book signing at The Grove.

17. When the LAPD almost arrested Jesus.

18. When this dog took a taxi for dogs.

19. When this trash can happened.

20. When this tanning salon went full Britney.


21. When this sale went down.

When this sale went down.


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