Family Vacations

Family Vacations- Building Memories to Last a Lifetime

Family vacation is a very crucial bonding period. Aside form visiting one of America’s 9 Coolest Toy Stores, there’s plenty of fun to be had! As the children get older, family vacations seem to get harder and harder to have, because the children are involved in so many different activities! So, plan them now!

The 8 Best Places to Go

Planning where to go on vacation can be stressful. Here are six suggestions that will make everyone happy.

1. Everyone has been to, or at least heard of, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Disney World comes in first place on where to take the family for vacation because they offer something for everyone in your family no matter what age they are. If you are taking toddlers, there are many toddlers friendly play areas such as The Laughing Place, Pooh’s Thoughful Play Spot, Mickey’s Toontown Fair, plus many more!

2. Visit your local children’s museum! Be sure to check out my list on the 10 Best Children’s Museums In America to see a few of my favorites. Or take the older guys to one of the 27 Coolest Museums In America for a real unexpected treat!

3. Central Park Zoo in New York City, New York, is another world famous attraction. No matter a person’s age, any animal lover will love this zoo. Not only is this fun, but educational as well. It’s also right in the heart of all the action, unlike the larger Bronx Zoo. Also check out my list of the 10 Most Visited Zoos/Aquariums In America.


Take the family for a horse ride through Central Park.


4. If your little prince or princes’s dreams of one day growing up and being a captain of their very own ship, or if they enjoy the water, and looking at ships, then the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois is for you! There is also a play, and movie shown on board for your family to enjoy! With plays, musicals, air shows, water shows, and so much more there is always something happening there. This is also something all age groups will enjoy.

5. There are many different locations of SeaWorld, but no matter what location you decide to go, you will love it! If your family loves the water, animals, and fun, then Sea World is for you! Sea World isn’t only fun with all of the amazing animals, the fun roller coasters, the awesome shows and the performing animals, but it is also very educational. Don’t forget to check out the all famous Shamu show! While there, consider going on their special behind the scenes tour. These special tours are something that families often overlook, that’s why I wrote a post on the Top 10 Behind the Scenes Tours in America.

6. What boy doesn’t love Legos? Well, help Legos come alive through LegoLand Discovery Center! Not only will you learn how Lego’s are made, you will be able to help in the creation process! The fun doesn’t stop there though! Take a look around at this amazing amusement park full of rides, lasers, cars, earthquakes, and millions and millions of Legos! They have locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, and Westchester (outside of NYC).

7. Every kid dreams of landing a space ship! You can make that dream become real at the Space Center in Houston, Texas. Over 1,619 acres of space contained all in one building is sure to keep the entire family entertained for hours and hours no matter how old! Learn about the Galileo Space Shuttle, have lunch with an astronaut, watch numerous demonstrations, play in the Angry Bird Space Matrix plus so much more! Even space is bigger in Texas!

8. Get festive! Plan your next vacation around a big holiday so your kids can see all of the decorations. What kid doesn’t love fireworks (well the younger ones might not!) or giant Christmas trees?


The Palazzo in Las Vegas is pictured above, all decked out with their fourth of July glamour.


Car Ride Games

If you are tired of hearing your children ask, “Are we there yet?” then make the trip pass faster by playing these car ride games.

1.  Many people have memories of playing “I Spy” as a child with things like “I Spy with my little eyes something yellow.” As the other player spends forever guessing until they have successfully answered “The Sun!” With a smile as big as Texas sprawled across their face in their victory, they get to go next!  Make sure to introduce your child to this game. This is a fantastic way to make the time pass by faster on a dreaded family vacation car trip.

2. Another fantastic game to play in a car is the License Plate game. This game can be a perfectly fit your family as you whiz by the other cars looking for the next letter in the alphabet, or looking for cars from 36 more states, or even looking for double E’s on one license plate. The license plate game can be changed to fit older and younger children.

3. Another game that can be played anywhere especially on a car trip is the packing game. “One day I went on a camping trip and I packed a shirt…” The next person then follows and says the previous thing that was packed plus their packing item. So on and so forth until someone misses an item. This game is awesome to play in the car, because it is easy to play in car to make the time fly.

4. A car version of Pictionary is “What’s That Sound?” One person starts making a sound. Then, everyone else tries to guess what sound the person is making. The first one to guess the sound correctly then gets to be the next one to make a sound. If no one can guess the sound correctly, the sound maker gets to go again.


Great Places to Stay on a Family Vacation

While on your family vacation, you may want to stay in a hotel. If that is the case, then consider these five unusual hotels sure to please the children.

1. The Great Wolf Lodge has locations in many different areas around the United States of America. Not only is this a great Lodge, but it also has many fun things for anyone of any age. The Great Wolf Lodge has a huge indoor water park so that no matter what degree it is outside, fun is still left to be had! If anyone in your family isn’t into water parks, fun is still left to be had by doing a scavenger hunt, going to the kid’s spa, or playing the ultimate game of laser tag! But let me warn you, the Great Wolf Lodge is not for everyone, check out my post about five reasons why I, personally, would not return to their Charlotte, NC location.


Get a “You Only Live Once” shirt at the Great Wolf Lodge!


2. In Cottonwood, Idaho, you find many fun things to do, but also the most amazing Inn, Dog Bark Park Inn. This inn has a unique shape, as it is in the shape of a giant beagle. You actually get to stay inside the world’s biggest beagle! Serving many world famous dog shaped treats made especially for you! This is definitely a hotel that you are sure not to forget, but the kiddos will never forget this either! They also have many dog lessons, dog crafts, and dog cooking treats for the little ones!

3. The Wig Wam Motel right off of Route 66 is another vacation motel you are sure to never forget! If your family loves to spend time outdoors, then why not stay in a giant teepee. Don’t fret however, these teepees are equipped with all of today’s necessities such as a shower, bathroom, air conditioning, and so much more! Why not make your family vacation educational as well?

4. Northern Rail Traincar Inn is a fun and interesting motel. This motel features the inside of a boxcar that used to run the railroads, but is now transformed into a beautiful motel room. What little boy who dreams of being a conductor would love spending a night in a boxcar? The Chattanooga Choo Choo in Chattanooga, TN has the same type of lodging concept, so be sure to look into it! Making educational memories fun and memories that will last a lifetime!

5. In Orlando, Florida, you will find the amazing Nickelodeon Suite Resorts full of your children’s favorite activities! Why not sit down and have dinner with SpongeBob, or have an awesome day at the kid’s spa, or have fun at Nick after Dark, while mom and dad go out and play! You can even have a SpongeBob Squarepants or a Dora the Explorer themed room! What better way to spend your vacation than with your favorite Nickelodeon character?


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