22 Words That Have An Entirely Different Meaning When You’re In L.A.

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Everyone in Hollywood seems to be constantly working to keep up with the Joneses. From the rich and famous in the poshest parts of Beverly Hills, straight to wannabes in the valley, here’s a look at how words in LA often differ from those in less glamorous parts of the country.


1. “Pet Stores”
Pet stores

To most, a place where you buy food for your animal friend. In L.A., pet stores are nicer than the stores where you shop for yourself. Homemade cakes meet lavish cupcakes in this neck of the woods.


Paris Hilton loves her 17 dogs so much that she built a $325,000, two-story dog mansion just for them! They have heating and air conditioning, a beautiful stair well, and even their own chandelier!


2. “Walking”

The physical act of movement using one’s legs to propel the rest of the body forward. In Los Angeles, walking is the same but it’s something you usually do to get from your apartment door to your car, so you can drive down the street.


3. “Actor”

21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A.

To the rest of America, the word “actor” conjures images of Hollywood royalty from Brad and Angelina to J.Law and Meryl. But in L.A., “actor” refers to your waitress or waiter’s dream job. This is a down where people will say the stupidest things just to stand out.


4. “Seasons”


The real world has spring, summer, fall, and winter. In Los Angeles, they all seem to blur together.


5. “Juice”

Ryan Seacrest

There’s the OJ that the rest of the world drinks, and then there is the $6-a-bottle green sludge that Angelenos worship.


6. “Cold”

If it’s 60 degrees, it’s sweater weather. Below 60, and you better put on that parka.


7. “Street Parking”

Street Parking

In the real world, street parking is just that — parking in the streets. In Los Angeles, it is the city’s equivalent of The Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.


8. “Fitness”


Whereas people in the real world go to “the gym” when they want to work out, Angelenos love stretching, pushing, and contorting their bodies in a cacophony of ways, all for the sake of physical well-being.


9. “Food shopping”














Los Angeles code for “I’m going to the farmers’ market.” If it’s cold outside, it could mean heading to Trader Joe’s instead.


10. “The Beach”


For most common folk, it’s a dream vacation destination. In L.A., it’s right next door, but you never go as often as you should.


11. “Pizza”

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 2.42.52 PM

In the real world, pizza is covered in gooey, greasy cheese. In Los Angeles, it’s vegan, gluten-free, and fun-free.


12. “Rain”


For most people, rain means you grab an umbrella and carry on with your daily life. In Los Angeles, people lose their shit even when it sprinkles because it is a surefire sign the apocalypse is nigh.


13. “Secret Menu”














Secrets, secrets are no fun if you do not tell everyone. The burger mecca that is In-N-Out has a not-so-secret menu on its website.


14. “Hiking”


Just look up at this pic of Paris with her little sweater wearing pure breads. Those dog’s sweaters probably cost more than most peoples entire wardrobes!!


15. Jaywalking”

For normal people, it’s how you cross the street even if it’s (technically) against the law. In Los Angeles, it’s a surefire way to get a ticket that will drain your bank account.


16. “Neighborhood”


In L.A., your neighborhood isn’t just where you live: It’s sort of like the real-life equivalent of choosing which table you sit at in your high school cafeteria. Just look at Drake’s private backyard grotto and you’ll see what I mean. THAT SHIT MATTERS.


17. “Traffic”

L.A. traffic is where boys become men, girls become women, and the weak are completely and utterly destroyed.


18. “Kale”

For most, kale is a leafy green vegetable rich in vitamins and calcium. In Los Angeles, kale is a gastronomical cult with health-crazed members who have been tricked into sacrificing taste for “health.”


19. “Car”

Rolls RoyceJust any old whip won’t suffice in LA. Everyone is looking to stand out and people will do just about anything to be looked up to. Money talks in this town!


In L.A. people drive EVERYWHERE! But you can strap a bike to your Lamborghini to give the appearance that you ride it sometimes.



20 “Designer Goods”

LV Car

Designer goods are so highly sought after that people who can’t afford them just have fakes… or… even make the goods themselves!


Just take a look below at this Beverly Hills birthday cake!

Beverly Hills Birthday Cake



21. “The Industry”


No, not a factory building cars and machinery and stuff. Angelenos are talking about the entertainment industry, aka the crazy shitstorm that calls the city home.


22. “Paradise”














We can make fun of LA all day, erryday. But in the end, it’s definitely the most magical place on earth. Just imagine picking between boring old Alaska or beautiful LA, it’s like comparing ramen noodles to caviar. I don’t care what types of tax breaks and peace and quiet I get in Alaska… in fact, I’d probably pay them not to force me to live there!


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What surprises you most about LA? Let us know in the comments section below!


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