12 Restaurant Recommendations from Top Atlanta Food Experts

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What are some of the best restaurants in the US? Let’s see what the expert chefs, restaurateurs and celebrities have to say. After seeing such helpful advice from our last two round-up posts on travel savings tips and inspirational travel advice, we could hardly wait to see the words of wisdom that we would hear from a new batch of travelers. So, in an effort to learn from some of the world’s most experienced industry professionals, we reached out to them to hear their response to this one simple question:

What’s your favorite restaurant in Atlanta and why?

We got loads of great advice, as these travelers reflected back on their many years of dining and really gave us some tips from the heart. So without further ado, here are their responses, which are shared in the order that they were received:


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.55.31 PM1. “I travel a lot globally and love to experience different cultures and style of food so therefore I have many places! I consider a favorite restaurant as one that serves great food, provides me with an inviting, lively, romantic and cozy atmosphere, and has superb service that makes me want to come back each time I visit that city! Whenever I experience these type of restaurants, I cannot stop raving about it to my friends and family! One of which is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in every city!

Karlie Redd, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Recording Artist, Actress, Film Director, Model, @KarlieRedd


2. “Cafe Instanbul! It’s great food, fun, dancing & hookah! What more can you ask for! 😉

Mariah Huq, Executive producer of Bravo’s Married To Medicine, COO of Jewel and Jem@ILuvMariah


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