25 Restaurant Recommendations from Top Miami Food Experts

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What are some of the best restaurants in the US? Let’s see what the expert chefs, restaurateurs and celebrities have to say. After seeing such helpful advice from our last two round-up posts on travel savings tips and inspirational travel advice, we could hardly wait to see the words of wisdom that we would hear from a new batch of travelers. So, in an effort to learn from some of the world’s most experienced industry professionals, we reached out to them to hear their response to this one simple question:

What’s your favorite restaurant in Miami and why?

We got loads of great advice, as these travelers reflected back on their many years of dining and really gave us some tips from the heart. So without further ado, here are their responses, which are shared in the order that they were received:


1. “Seasalt and Pepper -The newest and hottest spot in Miami happens to be my new favorite, as well. Fresh seafood and delicious gourmet meals by the water. Located on the Miami river, this is the new place to see and be seen!”

Adriana De Moura, The Real Housewives of Miami, Traveled To More Than 40 Countries, Curator at Markowicz Fine Art, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, @Adrianathereal



Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian’s BFF, AMA Host, Sushi MiKasa Owner, @JonathanCheban


3. “When I get away from my own restaurant to dine out, I love, love, love Zuma in the Epic Hotel. It overlooks the Miami River if you book ahead and score one of those “with a view” tables. Modern Japanese is clean fresh and amazing and perfectly paired with a great Saki menu. It brings me back to dining in Tokyo. Prawn and black cod dumplings remind me of the early morning fish auction (Tsukiji) and eating in all the little stands and the amazing food I experienced for the first time. Having been a sports fisherwoman, I am very particular about where I buy or eat fish. Zuma serves some of the best catch in town. But don’t overlook the Korobuta pork belly or the seared beef or the corn fed chicken as it is all yummy!!”

Cindy Hutson, Named “Chef of the Year” by Chef Magazine in 2011 & “Chef of the Year” by Eaters in 2012, Owner/Executive Chef at Ortanique@CindyHutson


4. “My favorite restaurant in Miami is Prime 112 in South Beach. This restaurant has the best steak I have ever had- bar none! The steaks are truly to die for and the side dishes are extraordinary too! I love this restaurant!”

Eva La Rue, CSI: Miami, All My Children, Lakeview Terrace, @Evalaruecappoo


5. “My favorite restaurant in Miami is PB Steak. The Pub Belly guys are a great bunch of talented chefs and all of my old sous chefs work there. They have true passion for what they’re doing and it shows in their food, which is awesome!

My second favorite is Sugarcane. Chef Timon is amazing. He’s a good friend. He’s talented. He cooks with lots of different cuisines and ingredients. Beautiful dining room and comfortable indoor outdoor bar. I love the Robado grill. My favorite dish is his duck and waffles. It’s almost as good as my chicken and waffles. :)”

Jeff McInnis, Top Chef, Executive Chef/Partner Root-N-Bone NYC@Chefmcinnis


6. “There is a great culinary scene happening in Miami right now, with many chefs doing very exciting things, so it is very difficult to pick just one. But if you ask me, which is my favorite, which is the one I wake up craving and can eat at every day? That is definitely Mandolin. It is delicious yet simple, clean Mediterranean food made with the best of ingredients. It might not the most interesting chef food but certainly great food for everyday.

Ingrid Hoffman, Celebrity Chef, TV Host and Author, @Simplyingrid








































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