No Friends Allowed! The World’s First One-Person Only Restaurant Is Here.

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In today’s society, eating alone in a restaurant can feel a little awkward. It’s definitely not the norm, no matter how much you enjoy your own company.

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But there’s a restaurant in Amsterdam that’s changing the rules of dining.
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Eenmaal (meaning “one time” and “one meal”) is a fine dining restaurant that puts an end to socializing and allows only one person to sit at a table to eat.
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“We wanted to break the very recognizable taboo of eating out alone. I noticed that in society, there is actually no room for being alone in public spaces,” says designer Marina van Goor.
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The restaurant is also a pop-up, so there’s no set location, making it even more unique.
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If you think you’ll survive having your cell phone next to you here, think again! The restaurant encourages diners to put those phones away in favor of books or magazines.
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A restaurant with no loud chatter and without annoying cell phone conversations? Sounds ideal to me.
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If you’re interested in reconnecting with yourself at this restaurant, a four-course meal will only set you back $50. But you might not even have to travel to Amsterdam to enjoy the meal—there are plans to open one-person restaurants in London, Berlin, and New York.


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