Takin’ The All-American Road Trip: 50 Inspirational Photos

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Who doesn’t sit around dreaming of hitting the open road and driving all across these great states? Many have a set itinerary in mind but it can be more fun to play it by ear and stop where the locals eat and create memories worth remembering at various roadside attractions. Stop at all of the biggest cities along the way and perhaps you may want to visit smaller cities and towns that you may not have seen otherwise (perhaps they don’t have an airport!). Do what ever your heart desires and see more in a few weeks than you have in the last five years. Go at your own pace and travel from the comfort of your very own car.

Take a look at my road trip itinerary from my trip in Summer 2012, where I traveled all the way from Tennessee to Seattle.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from cities all across the fabulous US of A:


St. Louis



The Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Atlanta, GA




Chicago, IL






  • Devils Tower



  • Yellowstone National Park




Seattle, WA




Graceland – Memphis, TN



The Lost Sea Adventure – Sweetwater, TN

Taylor visits America’s Largest Underground Lake!




Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL










  • Downtown Disney

Stop by Downtown Disney To Visit the Planet Hollywood Restaurant, where you can see the costume Dorothy (AKA Judy Garland) wore in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.



  • The Grand Floridian Resort



SeaWorld – Orlando, FL



The Gatlinburg Aquarium – Gatlinburg, TN



New York City







South Dakota





Carowinds – Charlotte, NC





The Biltmore – Asheville, NC






Las Vegas, NV










The Neon Museum  – See the original Aladdin’s Lamp from the Aladdin Hotel & Casino.



Thank you for making it this far! I hope you enjoyed the post. What are some of your favorite road trip destinations? Let us know in the comments!


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