16 Disgustingly Terrifying Things People Eat At The Houston Rodeo

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The world’s largest rodeo is filled with all types of food, many of which happen to be things that you wouldn’t find at your local Whole Foods! A haven for some, a nightmare for others, here are a few of the stranger things that happen to be served up at the terrifying Houston Rodeo!


1. Cowboy ‘taters

Cowboy Potatoes


2. Brisket baked potato

Baked Potato


3. Chicken fried Bacon

Chicken-fried bacon


4. Giant cinnamon roll

Cinnamon Roll


5. Deep fried Oreo

Deep fried Oreo


6. Deep Fried Nutella

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.49.07 PM


7. Oversized bags of popcorn with hot cheese on top! Yumm!



8. Bacon-wrapped turkey legs!

Turkey Legs


9.They say everything is bigger in Texas..

Turkey Leg


10. Jumbo butterflied, fried shrimp

Fried Shrimp


11. Deep-fried Pop Tart!

Pop Tart


12. Oh yeah, there’s more!



13. Honestly, cookie dough is probably the most logical food to deep fry.

Cookie Dough


14. Pretty much any deep-fried food you could possibly think of happens to be on the premises.



15. Fried cheesecake, anyone?

Fried Cheesecake


16. Deep-fried “Snickers”?

Yeah just one snicker, because more than one deep-fried Snickers bar will surely lead to death.


Those looking for a guide of what to do in Texas will want to be sure to check out An Insiders Guide To Texas With Andrew Evans From National Geographic.

If the thought of gaining 10 pounds in one night disgusts you beyond belief, then we recommend skipping the rodeo all together and eating at Houston’s Green Seed Vegan instead! Read more about Houston’s favorite vegetarian restaurant in our post on America’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants!

Well folks, where will you be heading the next time you’re in Houston, the vegetarian place, or the good ‘ole rodeo? Let us know in the comments section below!



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