This Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park Looks like A Place From Your Nightmares. This Place Is CREEPY!

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There is a theme park that still stands in North Carolina that was supposed to be a place where children’s dreams could come true. Now, that place is nothing but an abandoned park, full of nightmarish remains. When the Land of Oz was open, it was a bustling amusement park for children with a Wizard of Oz theme. It could attract 20,000 visitors a day. But now, the park is closed, and all of the Oz decor that was left behind has decayed into a creepy village that isn’t suitable for any child to see.

If any part of the Wizard of Oz (e.g., the flying monkeys) gave you nightmares as a child, you may want to steer clear of this abandoned theme park. I don’t get frightened that easily but this place gives me the creeps.


You have to share this creepy theme park with others. It’s too strange not to.


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