USCT 007: America’s Best Zoos – With Author Jon Wassner

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USCTIn this episode of The US City Traveler Podcast, you get to meet Jon Wassner, co-author of “America’s Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families,” which is a guidebook to the nation’s 60 best zoos, with a special forward from Newt Gingrich. Jon has not only traveled the nation visiting many different zoos, but he has also worked as a zookeeper himself at 3 different ones, including Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. With more than 150 million annual visitors, America’s zoos attract more people than all of the major pro sports teams combined and today we’re going to find out why that is. From zoo budget travel tips, to the best time of day to visit, to exhibits that we can look forward to seeing opening in the coming months, we’ve got all of that and so much more.


More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about: 

  • Which zoo Jon considers to be the best in America.
  • A few of the best zoo rides in existence today.
  • Which of the five zoos in NYC is best.
  • Some of the most innovative exhibits ever built.
  • The educational aspect of visiting a zoo.
  • Learn about innovative experiences, such as camel rides or feeding a giraffe.
  • Some of the rarest found species in American zoos.
  • Animals would no longer exist, if not for zoos.
  • Zoos with the best special events.
  • Larger cities that have a zoo that doesn’t quite live up to what you’d expect.
  • Unique zoo restaurants.
  • Tips for photographing the animals.
  • Budget travel tips for visiting zoos.
  • Learn about some of America’s best free zoos.


Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:


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