Review: The Cheesecake Factory

Since my first dining experience, at this popular restaurant, at age 12, I’ve been in love with it ever since! They have four locations in Atlanta (which is most convenient for us), which are apart of 149 restaurants in 34 states and DC. This company also operates 13 restaurants under the Grand Lux Café name, etc… David Since Overton opened the first restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1978, the restaurant has been a huge hit.

So what makes this place special? A huge menu selection, you’ll find something to suit everyone in the families taste (they’ve got two pages of the menu reserved for appetizers alone!). They have become famous for their huge portions as well (ever seen the iCarly episode with the “Cheesecake Warehouse”?).  But most importantly, the cheesecakes are what tops it all. Head to the café in your local Barnes & Noble to see their Cheesecakes and more. We’ve gotten a frozen cheesecake from Sam’s Club before, too, but it was nowhere as good as what we had in the restaurants. The royal architecture and two story layout makes this place seem grand and welcoming, just like its service. One of the grandest restaurants, perhaps, is at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace location, where it looks like every shop and restaurant in that big, fancy mall is leading up to this restaurant (has anyone ever eaten there? I’ve only seen the exterior). Two other locations can be found around greater Las Vegas.

You can even buy their cheesecakes online and have them shipped to your front door. They come in two different sizes: 7” and 10”. Online prices start at $23.95 and go up to $52.50.

Air at coming at the off times, save up your appetite for when the wait time will be most minimal, we often have to wait an hour or more.

We always leave happy, stuffed, feel like we’ve gotten our moneys worth, and can’t wait to return! What are your thoughts on this place? Is the food really just “average”. Is the menu so large that they can’t specialize in one particular type of food?


Taylor Goldblatt

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