The Travel Channel’s Downhill Plunge

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I want to like the Travel Channel, I really do. I’m not trying to be a “hater” but I just can’t sit through hardly any of the Travel Channel’s shows! I think it’s because very, very few of their shows actually talk about attractions in the United States that your average American viewer could and would actually want to visit. I want to be inspired to go somewhere cool for my next vacation… I don’t care about watching a show about a small café outside of Timbuktu that serves delicious donuts (did I mention that SIX of their shows are based only on food!!! Can’t they save that for the food network?). Nor do I care about watching people search for ghosts (They have FOUR shows about ghosts!!!). I know some people are very interested in those topics, but if I’m going to watch the “Travel channel,” I’m going to want to hear about unique attractions, not restaurants. I’m sad to say that very few of their shows have inspired me. The travel channel seems like a complete waste of my time.

Take Me Somewhere I Actually Want 2 Go

With that said… I will mention a few of their shows that have actually, somewhat been pretty enjoyable. They have had various programs about unique attractions, great waterparks, theme parks (Here’s an idea: do a special on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how it’s revolutionized theme parks), museums, parks, extraordianary hotels, and exotic destinations that I may go out of my way to see. For the most part, the only host I actually like watching is Samantha Brown. She does a great job at captivating her viewers attention while often going to some pretty fascinating places that the average Joe on the street would want to visit.

Lastly, everyone I’ve talked to about it says that they used to actually have good shows but it’s gone downhill fast, faster than a snowball picking up speed as it rolls down a hill in Timbuktu.

UPDATE: It’s been over one year since I first posted this blog post and I have since found a show on the Travel Channel that I actually like! It is called “Hotel Impossible” and it is hosted by Anthony Melchiorri. Only 26 episodes have been released so far but a third season is now in filming. Check it out!

I think they could do much better than they are doing now. Is it just me? Does the travel channel really suck? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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