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Technology can be a travelers dream come true–or even their worst nightmare if things don’t go quite as planned or initially desired. It’s important to not let these gadgets ruin your family time or girls night out, as it can often be best to tell everyone to just leave the phones off. Odds are that your problems back home can wait a few hours, eh? One thing I always try to do is to bring as few gadgets as possible, as they are typically just more to have to keep up with and worry about getting broken, lost or stolen and being more trouble than they are really worth. But on the other hand, if I’m anticipating a lengthy flight or bus ride, I will seriously consider bringing my laptop on the journey to keep me entertained and keep my mind situated and distracted from what’s at hand–that is, unless I’m traveling with someone who I’d rather spend that time conversing with! For starters, here’s a post on the 28 Best Travel Apps.


12 Tips For Making The Most Out of You Technology While Traveling

1. Many smartphones and tablets have a feature that allows you to erase their contents if they’re lost or stolen. Be sure to turn on this function before you leave so you don’t have precious information taken from your phone. Nobody needs an identity crises here, now do they?!

2. Keep electronics away from liquids on bumpy flights. The last thing you want is to experience a little bit of turbulence and have that gingerelle come toppling over onto the new iPad Air!

3. Those taking a new gadget on vacation will want to be sure to get to know it ahead of time, or at the very least bring some instructions. While it may be tempting to take your new $1500 laptop, you might as well get to knowing how to use it ahead of time to avoid a trip of confusion and frustrations and stopping at the nearest BestBuy.

4. Pack your charger. Consider having a certain pocket or compartment where you always keep your charger so you can have it as part of your checklist upon leaving any given destinations. But if you do happen to leave your charger, or really anything, always check with the front desk because it’s likely that they will pull out a whole bin full of them, which guests have left behind in the past few months. This is especially true at larger establishments. Hotels are looking to get rid of them and you can get a free and convenient new charger, providing a win-win experience.

5. Password-protect your devices. While it can be awfully annoying to keep typing in that password on your phone time and time again, it’s especially important to set up password protection while on vacation to ensure that your phone won’t get into the wrong hands. Better yet, a thief may notice that it’s password protected and give it back to you, as they know it’s no good to them in the first place.

6. Use a label maker or permanent marker to add your contact information to your electronics. You never know when someone will come across your gadget and be kind enough to want to return it. Not only are hotel or airplane staff trained to do the right thing, there are also plenty of honest people out there who are looking to do a good deed!

7. Back up important data to external hard drives and websites. Never leave all of your data in one single place, as it can easily get stolen or accidentally lost. This even applies to the “Notes” app on your iPhone, as Notes are easily erased, while apps like Evernote are designed to store your notes and show them across various devices, free of charge.

8. Write down the manufacturer, model, cost and serial number of any big-ticket electronics. This will make filing an insurance claim and police report quicker and easier. You may want to consider using this free database from the Insurance Information Institute.

9. When you are putting items on the belt to go through an airport X-ray screening machine, put the bag holding your electronics through last. This ensures tah tthe time that you are away from your electronics is kept to the bare minimum. When you’re belongings have reached the other side of the screening, anyone can just snatch them right up and have taken off by the time you step out of the screening machine. Don’t let this happen to you.

10. When traveling by plane, keep your electronics in your carry-on bags. Not only does this protect you against having your baggage lost or stolen, it is also safer because your bags aren’t being tossed and shuffled around under the plane. Put your valuables in your checked luggage. Always.

11. Use the hotel safe. Don’t bring your electronics on water rides or anywhere where you feel that they would be at risk. Simply take advantage of your safe that you’ve been provided.

12. Store electronics in plastic bags. Keep electronic items safe from liquid or sand by storing them in a large zip-close bag. This always does the trick.


Are there any good ones that we left off? We’d love to hear from you!

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