Family Vacations – Family vacation is a very crucial bonding period. Aside form visiting one of America’s 9 Coolest Toy Stores, there’s plenty of fun to be had! As the children get older, family vacations seem to get harder and harder to have, because the children are involved in so many different activities! So, plan them now! >>>Read More

Hotels – I’ve always had a fascination with America’s most unique hotels and resorts. I have nothing against staying at an ordinary Holiday Inn but there’s something magical about visiting a highly themed hotel that’s unlike any where you’ve ever been before. Bigger isn’t always better but you may want to discover America’s 25 largest resorts. You’d be surprised to see how cool of a place you could stay on such a limited budget. >>>Read More

 Cruises – Fabulous food, R&R, family time by the pool, gym access, time in the spa, tropical paradise and relaxing time in the hot tub all come to mind when cruises are mentioned. I got to go on my first cruise at age 18, in March 2012 on the Carnival Dream. It was exactly what I expected, unlimited food, stops at amazing ports (such as Atlantis in Nassau – see my review/pictures), and plenty of time to relax and live life to the fullest. Check out my blog post regarding “Which Cruise Lise is The Best?” I also have an entire episode of my podcast that’s dedicated solely to cruises, featuring Gary Bembridge, the author of “The Cruise Travelers Handbook.” Cruises are a great way to get away from home for a little while that are very economical and allow you to visit destinations that more than likely you have never seen before. If you are planning on taking a cruise in the future, then you just might find some of the tips below quite helpful. >>>Read More

Zoos/Aquariums – The US is home to some of the best zoos and aquariums in the world – pretty much every medium to large-sized city has one of each. For starters, I highly recommend checking out my podcast interview with Jon Wassner, author of “America’s Best Zoos.” As you may already know, there is actually nothing as good as taking some time out with your family and getting to shower them with love by taking them to the best zoos and aquariums in the US. Your family will be able to have a great time out and as you well know this can go a long way in bonding the family members together and this is the dream of every parent. You need to take advantage of these good conditions to go out there and have a really great time, you and your family, of course, since you only live once in this world! Kids love sea life and animals, so why not bring the family along for the ride? Of course some are much better than others so here are our favorites. >>>Read More

Luxury Travel – America is your one stop spot for lavish spas and the finest of fine dining, featuring 40 Ritz-Carlton Hotels across these great states. Or try a quaint, oceanfront Bed & Breakfast that’s designed for the uber wealthy–or perhaps even just us wannabes who’ve been saving up all year for that vacation of a lifetime. For starters, I reccomend checking out our friend Paul Johnson’s site A Luxury Travel Blog(also check out my exclusive interview with Paul). I also highly recommend checking out my podcast with Jonny Drubel from E!’s #RichKids of Beverly Hills, as we cover luxury travel from all across the globe. >>>Read More

Theme Parks – There’s no doubt that Americans love theme parks, even many adults look forward to the atmosphere, cuisine – even the roller coasters! Other countries may have surpassed us on building the world’s tallest building or the world’s largest hotel but the worlds two most visited theme parks are still in America, thanks to Walt Disney (Wikipedia lists the worlds most visited amusement parks and water parks). Personally, I have visited Walt Disney World over a dozen times and visited many theme parks across the nation so I hope I can help you plan your next vacation. One of the top theme park sites on the internet is If you have time, check outmy interview with Robert Niles, the founder and editor of Theme Park Insider. See their list of what’s under construction at top theme parks. Wondering where the closest theme park to you is? Check out the Theme Park Insider map of US theme parks. Six Flags is the largest theme park chain in the USA with parks in eleven different cities so they are most likely to have a theme park closest to is another great resource, especially for those looking to visit one of the Disney parks; check out my interview with the founder, Ricky Brigante. >>>Read More

Food/Drink – Let your stomach lead the way through the ever-changing culinary buzz that comes to light throughout America’s best cities for food lovers. These cities offer everythign from a new celebrity owned-owned industry game changer to uniquely themed eateries. Neighborhood cafés, ethnic cuisine, food trucks and farmers’ markets are only a small portion of the diverse dining throughout America. Foodies will also want to be sure to check out my exclusive interview with Travel Channel host and Emmy award winner Mark DeCarlo where we discuss the best regional foods and regional eateries from all across America! Vegetarians will want to be sure to check out our list of America’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants! Whether you’re hunting down the ideal spot for a night out on the town or looking for a crepe from your local piece of Paris, this list  and the articles featured above are sure to whet your appettite for the meal of a lifetime. >>>Read More

Beach Vacations – America is home to some of the world’s best beaches. Swim, kayak, build sandcastles, hike and bike around our nation’s most beautiful beaches. But whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen!

1. Miami Beach is the center attraction, serving as a great place to people watch, lounge by the ocean, or search for seashells along the shore. Go for a dip in the calming blue waters and see why so many people love Miami Beach!

2. San Clemente State Beach in California has always been a favorite of many beach goers. This is due to the fact of that no matter what ability level you have, what state of mind you have, or what interests you have, there will always be something for you to enjoy at this amazing beach! So why don’t you go check out this beautiful and calming beach, and while you’re at it, why not bring the entire family?

3. Panama City Beach is located along the Emerald Coast. One of its best attractions is Pier Park, a 9000,000 square foot outdoor open-air lifestyle center. This beautiful and calming beach has something to offer everyone from the ocean watchers to the surfers to the ones who love just to play in the sand and so much more! There is something for everyone in this beautiful place! >>>Read More

Romantic Getaways – After a long week at the office, doing the same old same old day after day, who doesn’t need a little break from it all? Grab your lover and tell them it’s time to start packing their bags for that long awaited and much needed stroll by the beach at sunset…or better yet, start packing them for them. Start making reservations for a spa retreat and a night of alone time at a swanky little beachside grill. Whether you’re newlyweds or 50 years in the making and trying to rekindle that first spark, there’s never been a better time to hit the sunset. >>>Read More


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