Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach in Orlando, Florida opened in 1995.  So as the story goes, this snow storm somehow took place in Florida and a ski resort poped up with “slalom courses, toboggan slides and iceberg walkways” but the snow started to melt of course.  An ice gator luckily saved the day so this ski themed waterpark is here to stay.  How many other Florida waterparks are covered with snow, huh?  I love the theme but think the rides are just as hot (or should I say cold!).  Every ski resort has a chair lift and so does this waterpark, it’s a fun way to get out of the water and get a good view of the layout of the park, but it’s mainly used for transportation to the attractions on Mount Gushmore.  Summit Plummet is the parks featured attraction, It’s the ultimate for thrill seekers, this 12-story drop is 120-feet hight and goes at 50-60mph!  It’s the longest, tallest, fastest waterslide on record according to Disney.  Teamboat Springs is the world’s longest family raft ride at 1,400-feet long.  Ski Patrol Training Camp is fun for “big kids and preteens ” to slide, experience the ice-flow walk, and go on the zip line.


Taylor Goldblatt

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