10 Incredible And Underrated Cities To Live In. #2 Is Especially Awesome.

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1. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Sandwiched between the Bay Area and Seattle, Portland has its own unique vibe going on. Vastly overlooked and under priced for decades, it has become a known stomping ground for the artsy and indie-minded.


2. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

This sophisticated and historic southern city sure has a lot to offer. With a picturesque downtown, oceanic views and a large fine arts community, it really doesn’t get any better.


3. Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

In the last decade, Providence is one city that’s truly been reborn. It may not be Venice, but you can enjoy a stunning gondola ride through the heart of downtown. With awesome special events, a blossoming dining selection, a diverse art scene and plenty of rich history, this is one charming city that you may end up staying in permanently.


4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boasting cool neighborhoods, funky bars, a diverse dining and a great live music scene, this is one city that truly stands out. And it isn’t called the city of festivals for nothing! In the summer, it plays host to the world’s largest music festival, Summer Fest and other world renowned festivals such as Irish Fest, German Fest, Polish Fest and Festa Italiana. This city of friendly, fun locals is one you probably would have never guessed to be so cool.


5. Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky

While Louisville may only be the hot topic of conversation during the Derby, the famous horse race isn’t all this charming city has to offer. With small-town charm, a riverfront district, a diverse art scene and a growing foodie market, living in Louisville certainly has its perks.


6. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

With beautiful mountain views and a great nightlife, this city is the best of both worlds. The university town of Boulder is one of the most livable cities in US, where adventure can be found at every turn. Main roads are filled with cyclists, adorable shops, great eateries and pubs.


7. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Long associated with discouraging crime rates, first impressions of this city can often leave a negative taste in your mouth. And while the blue crabs are reason enough to visit, there’s much more to experience in this waterfront town. One of the many gems is the city’s Inner Harbor area, where you’ll find plenty of upscale hotels and restaurants.


8. Astoria, Queens

Astoria, Queens

Although Queens is technically a part of NYC, with a population of 2.3 million, it’s virtually a city in itself. Queens is known for its incredible diversity, as more than 170 languages are spoken in the borough. With a ton of eclectic cuisine, sports stadiums, an awesome beer garden, a rich jazz heritage and a bustling night life, what more could you ask for?


9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

While this city may be mostly known for sports, it’s also a pretty awesome spot to hang out. The Strip and Station Square are packed with bars, and patrons are paying about 12.2% less for their beers than the rest of the country (take that, NYC!). This city’s also got a quirkier side, with the many used bookstores of the South Side and the Andy Warhol Museum located on the North Shore.


10. Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

With a cultural district that’s incomparable and some of the friendliest people in the country, this wonderful and historic city is a great place to wind up. Want good food? Check! Want great entertainment? Fort Worth’s got that too in spades.


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