This Glowing Sidewalk Makes Nighttime Activities Safer… And Way, Way Cooler.

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Gone are the days of scary pathways in the dark. This invention makes paths glow, creating a safer space and an easier way to travel through the park at night. This is so genius!

One company has developed a way to keep pathways illuminated at night without costly electrical lighting.


Pro-Teq has created a spray to turn a normal pathway into a glow-in-the-dark surface.

The product is called “Starpath” and it’s applied directly onto pavement.


Starpath absorbs UV light during the day and then glows at night, providing illumination. It’s easy to apply to the path and, according to the company, is environmentally friendly.

The illuminated path could help make the pathway safer for users.


While not 100%, the glowing path could at least help to differentiate where the sidewalk begins and ends, and work toward making a safer environment for those traveling through.

For more information on Starpath, check out the company’s website here.


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