It’s Beach Time Somewhere

America is home to some of the world’s best beaches. Swim, kayak, build sandcastles, hike and bike around our nation’s most beautiful beaches. But whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen!

1. Miami Beach is the center attraction, serving as a great place to people watch, lounge by the ocean, or search for seashells along the shore. Go for a dip in the calming blue waters and see why so many people love Miami Beach!

2. San Clemente State Beach in California has always been a favorite of many beach goers. This is due to the fact of that no matter what ability level you have, what state of mind you have, or what interests you have, there will always be something for you to enjoy at this amazing beach! So why don’t you go check out this beautiful and calming beach, and while you’re at it, why not bring the entire family?

3. Panama City Beach is located along the Emerald Coast. One of its best attractions is Pier Park, a 9000,000 square foot outdoor open-air lifestyle center. This beautiful and calming beach has something to offer everyone from the ocean watchers to the surfers to the ones who love just to play in the sand and so much more! There is something for everyone in this beautiful place!


The white sandy beach in Panama City.


4. Gulf Shores Public Beach in Alabama has been ranked as one of the cleanest beaches in the nation. With more than 6.000 feet of outdoor relaxation, this is an incredible feat. This gorgeous beach always offers something for anyone to do. The Gulf Shores Public Beach has something to offer anyone, so what are you waiting for, come on out!

5. Clearwater Beach, FL offers three miles of gorgeous clear water deep blue water to play in, boat in, swim in, kayak in, or to do whatever your heart desires. This beautiful beach also offers a picnic area, playing a game of beach volleyball, watching dolphins at play, or parasail. If you love the beach, then come on out, and figure out why so many people voted this beach as their favorite vacation spot!

6. Coronado Central Beach, CA isn’t only for people, but the furry members of your family too! The Doggy beach offers a place for your special canine friend to jump amongst the waves, chase the ball in the crystal blue water, or lounge on the beach and eat doggy treats. Whatever your puppy may like to do, it is offered here! You never know, your puppy may even fall in love here! Ahh! Puppy love what a great thing!


Beach Boardwalks

1. Don’t forget about the shopping and even the rides! Brooklyn’s Coney Island Boardwalk is one of the city’s most popular sites. Its home to Luna Park, a $30 million amusement park that reopened in 2010 with about 20 new rides, just begging to be rode.

2. Californians won’t want to miss a stop at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Designed in 1907 to be the “Coney Island of the West” it remains home to two National Historic Monuments: the 1911 Looff Carousel and the 1924 Giant Dipper roller coaster.

3. The Atlantic City Boardwalk dates back to 1870, yet remains an excellent place to visit. The boardwalk stretches four miles, making it the largest boardwalk in the world. It is located alongside numerous casinos, hotels, shops, arcades, shows and much more, all along the way in this smaller, East coast version of Las Vegas.

4. The Ocean Front Boardwalk is a three-mile boardwalk in San Diego, CA. It’s a year-round hot spot with the opportunity to surf, bike, bodyboard and kayak. Cool off in The Plunge, an Olympic-size indoor pool.


Beaches Not To Visit

Anyone who has ever seen the 1975 film “Jaws” may think that the New England town called Amity Island is the most dangerous place in America. Actually, this isn’t a real place but when it comes to the following destinations, odds are that you are better off staying out of the water.

1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida has had over 230 shark attacks, making it the worst place in the world for shark attacks. It had over a dozen incidents in 2008 alone. Just don’t swim too deep and you’ll be alright… or you never know, a baby shark could be working in the waters and swim right up to shore and leave you with a missing toe! Actually, you’ll be delighted to know that there has never actually been a fatality here, so that ought to make you feel a little better about swimming in the New Smyrna waters. Their gloomy brown look of their tired website should be the first sign that this place isn’t all fun in the big yellow sun!

2. Avalon Beach in Los Angeles, California has been ranked as one of the filthiest beaches in America by the NRDC, meaning that it is home to bacteria from nearby treatment plants and old sewage lines. Wouldn’t you just love to swim in someone else’s filth! Then why not come check out the Avalon Beach in Los Angeles, California!

3. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a very well known beach, but something that is not well known is that it has the highest crime rate on a beach. With 4 murders, 36 rapes, 160 robberies, and 243 assaults this makes Myrtle Beach a very unsafe place. Hide your wife, hide your kids and do not come to Myrtle Beach!

4. Hanakapiai Beach in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, is known as the unsafest beach in the world when it comes to the waters. The rip tide is invisible and will take people hostage and drown them. The riptides on the beach are also known as the strongest. However, the beach is beautiful, but once you reach the water, you have taken your life into your own hands. If drowning by a riptide is on your bucket list, then go give this place a check!

5. Kilauea, Hawaii has hot lava flowing into the water. I don’t know about you, but my dream has always been to swim in lava! That sounds like the funniest thing ever! This beautiful beach has a very active volcano at it, so if you share that same dream, then go check out the Kilauea Beach!


Take a cruise to the Bahamas if you really want to see some picturesque beaches! This was taken in St. Thomas.


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