An Unforgetable Travel Experience: Saiving A Moose

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During a beautiful day of fishing on the Big Hole River in Montana, this gal came across a frail baby moose that was in desperate need of help.

A moose cow and her calf were looking for a way to cross the river that was swollen with rain water. The current was swift, but after a quick dash the mother was able to cross the river. Seeing her mother do it, the calf attempted it herself… before getting swept away.

When the calf started tumbling downstream in the water, the couple in the boat frantically paddled after it. They reached the baby moose when only its nose was stick out of the water. Quickly, they lugged the little girl into their boat. Frightened, shivering and frail the moose didn’t put up much of a fight. Thankfully, they soon reunited the baby moose with her mother… and she was able to live to see another day.

This is what a hero looks like.



Taylor Goldblatt

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