Acme Hotel Company Chicago

I visited Chicago’s Acme Hotel in summer 2012,  just a few months after it opened. This super modern/hip hotel is located in an ideal location just a few blocks from Donald Trumps 96-story Trump Tower and high end shopping (its actually located right across the street from Blloomingdales Home store), proving that it is in an ideal location. The rooms but easily be considered its nicest feature with modern décor such as a raised sink, lips on the mirror, a globe, and a huge flatscreen TV. The only downside to this hotel was seeing a few transvestites going around in their bathing suit, one even came to breakfast dressed this way – no joke! This really creaped us out, not to mention seeing a group of five “girls” leave out at midnight (dressed ultra provacitevly) to “hit the town.” Each room has a blackboard on their door and chalk that they can write to leave a message, which I thought was pretty cool. We saw anything from “No Housekeeping Please” to “”Please leave some extra towels” to “come on in honey boo boo child, you will have fun in here!” The complimentary breakfast was pretty good but they said they will be opening a restaurant soon that will take the place of a free breakfast. We loved the little gym and XL sized hot tub that were down in the basement. Overall, we had a fabulous experience.

I actually discovered this hotel through my all-time favorite iPhone app – Hotel Tonight, which had a king bed listed for $99. But we needed a room with two beds so I called the hotel and they told me they could do that for $109, just a slight room upcharge. So when I got there I mentioned this price and was told that the lowest they could do was $149, as I could not remember the name of the person who quoted $109. That dude said he had a hard time believing that I was quoted that but… Fortunately though, after some finagling I got them to agree to $109.

While the Trump Tower Chicago is my favorite hotel in Chicago, this is a close runner up for those for a good price on a cool “hipster style” hotel.


Taylor Goldblatt

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