45 Small Things That Suck Big Time.. & Make Us Want To Travel FAR AWAY!

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45 Small Things That Suck Big Time


1. Mondays.

2. Opening a pack of Starburst and getting all lemons.

3. Finding a great parking space but then realizing that you won’t fit.

4. Getting a gift from your grandma but finding out it’s a Nickelback CD.

5. Winning a radio contest and finding out it’s for Nickelback tickets.

6. When your monitor is broken on your flight and you forgot to bring a book.

7. Having to pee really bad when you’re stuck in traffic.

8. Waking up before your alarm goes off.

9. Getting an unexpected check followed by an unexpected bill.

10. When your taco shell breaks.



11. Taking a shower then having to poop.

12. Unexpectedly sitting on something wet.

13. Looking in the mirror and seeing a booger in your nose, not knowing how long it has been there.

14. Missing McDonald’s breakfast menu by five minutes.

15. A car alarm repeatedly going on off in the middle of the night.

16. Forgetting that you put a frozen pizza in the oven.

17. Biting into a grainy apple.

18. When your Netflix freezes.


45 Small Things That Suck Big Time


19. When HBO GO crashes.

20. Getting crop-dusted at Target.

21. When you go to the beach and sand gets into your bag of Doritos.

22. Tripping on your shoelaces that you checked TWICE.

23. Forgetting your phone at home.

24. Rushing to order at a restaurant and getting the chicken carbonara.

25. Seeing your ex open a successful cupcake bakery.


45 Small Things That Suck Big Time


26. Getting a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth that won’t come out no matter what you do.

27. Waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park, only to get to the front exactly when it gets closed for maintenance.

28. Hangnails.

29. Getting lemon juice on a cut you didn’t know you had.

30. Getting a pebble in your shoe.

31. Realizing your DVR didn’t record the newest Game of Thrones.


45 Small Things That Suck Big Time


32. Buying something then seeing it on sale the next week.

33. Washing your car then seeing storm clouds roll in.

34. Finding another gray hair.

35. Getting a friend request from your mom on Facebook.

36. Asking for a medium rare steak and getting it well done.

37. Somehow hearing Los Del Rio’s “Macarena,” then having it stuck in your head all day.



38. Pushing the fourth floor button on an elevator and then watching someone hit both buttons for floors TWO AND THREE.

39. Shaking hands with someone whom you just saw blow their nose.

40. Purposely trying to avoid seeing the score of a game you are recording, only to get a text from someone with it.

41. Peeling an unusually tough hardboiled egg.

42. Arriving to the airport early to find that your flight is delayed.

43. When your burger is too juicy and makes the bun fall apart.

44. Forgetting to cancel your three-months-free of Starz.

45. Forgetting to set your alarm Sunday night, and then being late for work Monday morning.



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