23 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into Your Favorite Destination This Summer!

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Traveling is just too darn expensive these days, you know? You can burn through thousands in just a short weeks time, and then when you come back all you have left is a memory or two! That’s the cold hard reality. So why not bring your travels home and leave all of your neighbors drooling when they peak over the fence to see what’s up. After a few of these additions to the crib, your parties will be the place to see and be seen! It’ll undoubtedly be the hottest spot in and out of town!


1. The Cacoon

Get it here.


2. Custom Built Storybook Tree House

Custom Built Storybook Tree House

Do you have more money than sense? You’ve tried burning money, giving it all away, and even eating it. Well worry no longer, unload all that greenery that’s been clogging up your pockets on this amazing gift for the kids. Even though they’ll have probably grown out of it in a years time, this has to be the most unique tree house in existence! Have you ever thought of putting a piece of a theme park in your back yard? This fantasy themed outdoor tree house or playhouse is designed with the whimsy and fun of the most magical theme parks in mind! Those with an extra $40,000 sitting around will want to snatch one up while you still can! You can see it on Etsy here.


3. Scandinavian Backyard Gazebo











You can BUY THIS.


4. Floating Beanbags

Floating Beanbags

Get them here.


5. This Interchangeable Picnic Table with Seats that Flip Up to Form a Back

An Interchangeable Picnic Table


6. Disney-Themed Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

It’s actually available from Wal-Mart.


7. Pool Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars










Get them here.


8. Geodesic Aviary/Chicken Coop

Geodesic Aviary/Chicken Coop
Available on Etsy.


9. The Beanbag-Hammock Hybrid Swing Chair


Perhaps the best and most comfy way to view sunset after sunset. Get it here.


10. The Floating Ping Pong Set

Ping Pong

Get it from Brookstone (But be sure to use a coupon code before buying… Visit The Brookstone Coupon Page).


11. The Reading Poolside Lounge Chair


Currently unavailable, but you can ask Brylane Home if they are getting more in stock.


12. A Zipline


Buy the kit here.


13. Trampoline Treehouse Tent


Do it for the kids! Available here.



Who wants some lame old bark covered pathway in their backyard? Mix things up with this super cool custom made trampoline walkway! Contact your local contractor and see if they can put something like this together for you. Just imagine your next child’s birthday party!!



Safety conscious parents who are tired of hearing about skulls being broken open and legs being practically chopped off may be a little leery about getting a trampoline. Well not to worry, either the custom trampoline walk (which costs like ten times more than this) or a standard trampoline buried into the ground are just the trick. Not only does it look a million times better, it’s also quite safe. A win-win!


14. A Backyard Stream


Your perpetual moment of zen.


15. Stone Fireplace













Or consider building something a little more glamorous, such as this fireplace in the Kardashian’s backyard. Kris Jenner has one mean sense of style–love it!


Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 7.24.11 PM

Those with a tiny balcony or those who are looking for a quick and affordable fix to their outdoor fireplace dreams can easily put one of these together. Actually, I bet if you look hard enough, you can find one already built. Start the search!

Beautifully minimalist. Get the directions here.


16. Backyard Party Lights

Party Lights

These can be found on ebay for just $25 total.



Or get this heavy duty comer vial set for $126.



There is something so romantic and charming about outdoor chandeliers. Whether electrified or candle holders they both add a ton of ambiance to any space! Chandeliers are great light sources and can be used hanging from the trees, from a gazebo or from an awning.

You can often find inexpensive vintage brass or gold color chandeliers at thrift stores and garage sales. They ususally run only between $5 to $20. Just spray paint your chandelier whatever color you like and add a swag light cord, for easy plug in. If you don’t want to attempt electrical, you can easily remove the electrical sockets from the fixture and use it as a candle chandelier.


17. Inflatable Twister

IT’S ON. Get it here.


18. Copper Rain Shower

Water Feature

More information here.


19. A Canopied Swing Bed

Swing Bed


20. Cooler Tables


Just IMAGINE your summer BBQs. Get them from Amazon.


21. The Triple Hammock


Available from Trinity Hammocks.


22. A Pool Shower

Pool Shower


23. The Adult Version of a Kiddie Pool


Easily improvised with any inflatable boat/raft. Available here.


Talk about a staycation, wow! Even just having a few of these would make any summer your best yet.

Which of these are you considering getting? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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